How We Identified the Athletes

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to identify who the rising young stars are in sports. But, instead of guessing, we wanted to put data behind which athletes under the age of 25 have the hottest brands. That’s why we developed the CHARGE 25 Under 25 Index (“Index”).

The Index measures the “brand energy” of 245 U.S.-based athletes, including 203 men and 42 women, from 22 sports. Utilizing a proprietary formula sorting data including social media following, social media engagement, search engine results and news stories, the Index created a ranking (“Index Score”) of the top 25 athletes under the age of 25.

The athletes were ranked against their peers to determine their brand energy in each category culminating in a total score. Like in golf, the lower the number, the hotter the brand. A perfect CHARGE Index Score would be 0.85.

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