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Esports Career Mode

Premium Content Includes...

• A guide for creating your personal brand and the importance of it

• Ways to promote your personal brand

• Social media best practices

• The Ten Media Commandments

• Information on endorsements

• Tips for hiring an agent


Want to achieve your full potential? Crafting a unique, authentic brand will help you connect with both fans and brands, expanding your opportunities throughout and after your esports career. 

Social Media

Navigate social media like a pro with our help. Get tips and tricks, from social best practices to examples of esports personalities who are dominating the scene. 

Public Relations

Find a publicist, perfect your brand positioning and feel comfortable and confident in front of the media. 


Learn what brands are looking for in a partner and how to maximize your value for sponsorships and endorsements. 


When do you find a lawyer or agent to help navigate your career? Who can you trust to negotiate on your behalf? Learn inside.