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Esports Brand Guide

Esports is quickly developing into a marketing powerhouse. While that can mean big bucks for teams and leagues, it also gives esports players a chance to step into the national spotlight. You have the opportunity to change your future. Will you take it?

Why do brands matter?

Building a strong personal brand can mean more money, more opportunity, and a chance to keep a lucrative career going even once your competition days are over. 

What is a brand?

Who are you and what do you stand for? That's your brand. It's not about cheesy taglines or logos- it's about deciding who you are and being that person, every day. 

How do I build one?

There are five steps to building a brand for your gamer. We'll walk you through the process to creating your brand, and then help you launch it. 

Cut Through the Clutter With Your Personal Brand

Once you've developed your brand, it’s time to bring it to life.

That’s called brand positioning, and doing it right puts you and your brand on the pathway to success. 

People are inundated with thousands of messages every day, from banner ads online to billboards and commercials, not to mention everything their friends and colleagues tell them.

Our eBook walks through four things you can do now to cut through the message clutter and make your personal brand stand out.

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