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A guide to marketing for

Small Business Owners

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 20% of small businesses fail by the end of their first year. If there is one thing that almost all small business owners struggle with, it would be marketing.

CHARGE is here to help. Our team of marketing experts have created worksheets, checklists and graphs to guide you through five key areas of marketing for small businesses.


Brand - (n) Who your business is and what it stands for. More than a logo or a font, a brand is the definition of your company.


A persona is the portrait of your ideal customer. When your personas come to life, your marketing does too.


Important aspects of digital marketing for small businesses include your website, local SEO and social media.

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SEO, or search engine optimization, can be a fairly terrifying topic. As a specialty, it’s punishingly technical and complex. It is also constantly changing, so if you haven’t been reading up on updates in the last 6 months, you’re already lightyears behind. And once you know what you need to do, you often have to update the code of your website, which can be a high-stakes proposition.

That’s why we here at CHARGE wanted to create this guide. We’ve taken in the overwhelming amount of information and compressed SEO down to a few core projects that any website owner can and should do.

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