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Sports + Healthcare =

Great Marketing

When working with the sports industry, healthcare marketers tend to go straight for sponsorship. While sponsoring teams can be a great element in your sports marketing plan, it shouldn't be your only one. There are huge opportunities awaiting in other areas as well, such as content and digital marketing. 

Content Marketing

Consumers have never been more curious about health, and healthcare systems have all the tools they need to create that content. Are you answering potential patients' questions?


Sponsorship has long been a staple of healthcare marketing. But how can you take the best advantage of your sponsor program? We can help.

The Access Strategy

Once you have poeople's attention, how do you turn them into patients? CHARGE's Access Strategy lays out a clear path from contact to client.

Navigating the Sponsorship Game

Sponsorships can feel like a game, full of negotiating, planning, activating and competing with both competitors and partners. At the end of the day, everyone is trying to get to the finish line with a successful sponsorship. But how do you get there?

Learn the questions you need to ask yourself (and maybe a few cheat codes) to choose the path that leads to a win.

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