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Unforgettable Experiences With the

Latest Technology

By integrating technology into your activation, you can create a modern, personalized experience and increase the number of consumer touch points for each guest. That means better brand awareness, engagement and return on your investment. 

Social Media

Event attendees love to use social media. But how can you best utilize it, and which channels are right for your event? 

Video: Livestreaming & Drones

Anymore, every event has video. How can you take your camera game to the next level? Find tech to enhance your attendee (and home viewer) experience. 

Wearable Tech

Wearable tech and experiential marketing are a match made in heaven. Learn how to bring unique experiences with cutting-edge devices. 

Mobile Apps

Is all of your information locked up in analog formats? You're missing a key touchpoint with attendees.

Navigating the Sponsorship Game

Sponsorships can feel like a game, full of negotiating, planning, activating and competing with both competitors and partners. At the end of the day, everyone is trying to get to the finish line with a successful sponsorship. But how do you get there?

Learn the questions you need to ask yourself (and maybe a few cheat codes) to choose the path that leads to a win.

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